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26 August 2016
It's Not TOO Late!
Adult Instruction
Sundays 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
21 August 2016 - 22 January 2017
Church Library
Why should you come to this class?
1. To learn more about the basic 
    teachings of the Christian religion.
2. To reaffirm your faith.
3. To join Memorial Lutheran Church as a member.
4. To learn what your children are taught at Memorial         Lutheran School.
If you are interested in taking this class, please contact Pastor Murray. Come and join us!
From the Pastor
Null and Void!  
The peculiarity of the gospel is that it overrides the demands of the law at some point. The gospel is fully capable of making a reversal of the status quo by making unworthy as worthy. If we carefully notice, there is a category of "unworthy" or "disadvantaged" in our gospel text this week (Luke 14:1-14). Jesus challenges the people to reverse the status quo so that the unworthy may become worthy. On a deeper level, the category of "unworthy" represents all of us. When we are spiritually poor, crippled, lame, blind, and fallen, Jesus pulls us out of the well of sin so that we may have life and healing. When Jesus pronounces the gospel, the gospel takes precedence over the law. Then, the demands of the crushing law become null and void! Only peace abounds. Amen. 
Sunday's Scripture Readings & Hymns
Luke 14:1-14

Hymns: LSB 907, 581 (Sz 2, 11, 12), 842, 623, 636, 685
Christian Education Night (CEN) begins in September

7 September until 16 November
5:15 Dinner
6:00 Classes
3 classes:
  • The Book of Daniel - Rev. Gaub
  • The Book of Revelation- The Ultimate Reality for a Christian - Pastor Pilli
  • The Church Through the Ages - Vicar Matthew Bless
The fellowship committee needs your help. 
Share your love of food with the congregation. Please pick a Wednesday and either cook up your specialty or share food from your favorite restaurant. Sign up online here or see Mike Jeffers between services in the commons.
If you have suggestions about things that you'd like to see in the Memorial Messenger, please let the office staff know. We would love to hear from you.

Rev. Dr. Scott R. Murray
Senior Pastor
Memorial Lutheran Church and School
In This Issue
Let Us Pray
For Martha Fredenburg, who is recovering from orthopedic surgery

For Olivia Taylor, who is recovering from orthopedic surgery

For Mary Lewis as she regains her strength

For Luke George, who is going through therapy for Leukemia
Saturday 8 October 2016  at Battleground Golf Course. Shotgun start at 8:00 AM.
We are looking for golfers, hole sponsors,
and prize sponsors.
This year's proceeds will benefit the Little Lambs Scholarship fund. For more information please contact LouAnn Webber  in the school office at 713 782 4022. 
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