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Memorial Messenger
15 July 2016
Mark Your Calendars
Sundays 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
21 August 2016 - 22 January 2017
Church Library
Why should you come to this class?
1. To learn more about the basic 
    teachings of the Christian religion.
2. To reaffirm your faith.
3. To join Memorial Lutheran Church as a member.
4. To learn what your children are taught at Memorial         Lutheran School.
If you are interested in taking this class, please contact Pastor Murray. Come and join us!
From the Vicar
He Came To Serve Us
In Luke 10:38-42, we find Martha working hard to serve Jesus. But her sister Mary is simply sitting and listening to Him speak. This makes Martha very angry and she expects Jesus to feel the same way. But Jesus surprises Martha. He tells her that what Mary is doing is the right thing to do. Jesus tells us himself that He came to serve us, not the other way around. Jesus tells us that, in order to serve him, we need to look no further than hearing His word and receiving His gifts of forgiveness and life with gladness. 
Sunday's Scripture Readings & Hymns
Genesis 18:1-14                                        
If you have small children (and even if you don't), you can learn the hymns we will be singing in preparation for Sunday. My daughter, Hilary, noticed small children singing hymns from memory in the church she attends in St. Louis and concluded that families were teaching the hymns to them so they could sing them, although they could not read. "Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing your praise" (Ps 84:4)! 

Hymns: LSB 904, 536, 855, 637, 862
Organ Repair
This spring, after receiving significant gifts for such a project, we have arranged for Visser Organ Company to repair and augment our present pipe organ. This will include maintenance and replacement of worn parts. Visser will also install a state trumpet and a Zimbelstern, which are both festive additions to the instrument. When we replaced the organ console 15 years ago we included drawn knobs for both additions. Unfortunately, the tallest rank of pipes, the 16-foot reed, is also in need of replacement, because its original metal composition was too soft. Those pipes are bending. Our builder, Michael Visser, is prepared to replace the rank as part of this project. However, we probably need to raise about $12,000 more to accomplish it. The renovations to the instrument will probably begin in late summer 2016 and be finished no later than Christmas.
If you have suggestions about things that you'd like to see in the Memorial Messenger, please let the office staff know. We would love to hear from you.

Rev. Dr. Scott R. Murray
Senior Pastor
Memorial Lutheran Church and School
In This Issue
Let Us Pray
For the family of Reuben Braun, who was called to his heavenly home

For Martha Fredenburg, who is recovering from orthopedic surgery

For Olivia Taylor, who is recovering from orthopedic surgery

For Mary Lewis as she regains her strength

For Luke George, who is going through therapy for Leukemia
Saturday, 8 October 2016  at Battleground Golf Course. Shotgun start at 8:00 AM.
We are looking for golfers, hole sponsors,
and prize sponsors.
This year's proceeds will benefit the Little Lambs Scholarship fund. For more information please contact LouAnn Webber  in the school office at 713 782 4022. 
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