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17 June 2016

The dates for VBS are 20-24 June, 9:00 AM to Noon. To sign up to volunteer, please see VBS Director Mandy Day in the Commons after both services or email her here.  Thank you!

There will be a VBS volunteer meeting this Sunday 19 June immediately following late service in Room 165.

From the Pastor
Happy Father's Day 
I can imagine the townspeople gathering around the Gerasene demoniac (Luke 8:26-39) to ask him, "How has Christ rescued you from the power of the devil?" He might well have answered them as Luther does in the Small Catechism, "Christ has completely conquered the devil.  Therefore the devil can no longer accuse me of my sins, and I can resist his temptations."  Having been freed from a legion of demons, this man begged to travel with Christ, but the Lord sent him home with the directive to tell how much God had done for him (Luke 8:39). 
What better vocational advice can be given to fathers on this Father's Day weekend: "Go home and tell how much God has done for you"?  Imagine wide-eyed children gathered around their father enraptured as he recounts God's rescue of him and them through Holy Baptism and how God has freed them by Christ's death from the power of the devil to live in righteousness and purity forever.  Imagine the excitement in those children's minds.  Imagine the joy in that father's heart.  Imagine such a happy Father's Day at your house.
Sunday's Scripture Readings & Hymns
Isaiah 65:1-9                                            
If you have small children (and even if you don't), you can learn the hymns we will be singing in preparation for Sunday. My daughter, Hilary, noticed small children singing hymns from memory in the church she attends in St. Louis and concluded that families were teaching the hymns to them so they could sing them, although they could not read. "Blessed are those who dwell in your house, ever singing your praise" (Ps 84:4)! 

Hymns: LSB 821, 825, 849, 557, 594
Welcome Basket for Vicar 
We will give Vicar Bless a gift basket on Sunday 26 June to welcome him to Memorial. Donations of restaurant gift cards, grocery store gift cards, pantry items, or cash will be accepted up until the 26th.  For donations please contact Dana George by email here, by phone at 832 372 0077, or you may give it to Janice Tackett. The gift basket will be assembled and given to him on his installation Sunday 26 June.
If you have suggestions about things that you'd like to see in the Memorial Messenger, please let the office staff know. We would love to hear from you.

Rev. Dr. Scott R. Murray
Senior Pastor
Memorial Lutheran Church and School
In This Issue
Let Us Pray
For Leslie Roch as she receives treatment

For Mary Lewis as she regains her strength

For Luke George, who is going through therapy for Leukemia
Vicar Breakfast
Come and welcome Vicar Matthew Bless on Sunday 26 June during the Sunday School Hour. There will be breakfast casseroles, fruit, danishes, and doughnuts. Most of all it will be a time to meet the new vicar who is far from home. Please sign up to bring fruit and danishes online here. You may also contact Mike Jeffers.
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